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Case Study: Ria IME Corporate Video

In this short video, we listen to the world’s 3rd largest money transfer company; Ria IME, talk about how their corporate video came to life with the help from Storyfrontier. Director of Marketing, Ramesh reveals his reasons for going ahead with a mix of voiceover, animation and customer testimonials. As well as a discussion on tips for choosing the right video partner and what ultimately makes a good video. 

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Rebranding the start-up kings

Corporate Case-study: Cradle Fund

Having funded more than 2/3rds of Malaysian tech start-ups including Grab, and holding the highest commercialisation rate amongst government grants in the country, Cradle are pretty well known for being the place to go for cash! But less known, is that they offer an entire ecosystem of support, coaching, community and investment to help a start-up grow. Read more and watch the final video in the blog post link below.

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Our Process


Defining your idea

A good idea starts with understanding the problem. So we begin by working closely with you to fully define your objectives, needs, target audience and key insights. We then develop ideas which solve our ‘creative challenge’…

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How much does it cost to make a video?

We have clear pricing on Corporate Videos and Animation Videos. You may email us to request our company profile which includes prices for these video packages.

For the rest of the wide variety of content we produce, we will price to your unique project requirements. This will ensure we make a video best tailored for you and offer the best value. Costs can be saved if you already have a script, concept or storyboard in-hand. 

Next steps. Please tell us more about your project via our online quote form or simply call or email us! We will happily offer some free advice.

How long will my video take to complete?

The process can take up to 6-12 weeks for a large project. With smaller ones taking only 1-2 weeks or maybe its just a one day shoot. Often it depends on how quickly your team can approve creative work. Assigning a point of contact in your organisation to handle the video project is a great way to ensure efficiency and communication. You can learn more by reading through our 3 stages of process

How many rounds of feedback are included?

We include 2 rounds of feedback for any project as we understand that even the best planned video needs tweaks. Once the free rounds of revisions are over we will continue to support you. We will provide a cost estimate based on number of hours, before taking on any additional work. However, if its just a few tweaks we are happy to waver any fee.

Where are you based?

We are based in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And are just an hours flight time from Singapore and other Asian cities. We also have a local crew and network in London.

We are based abroad and require filming in Malaysia, Can you help?

Yes! We have successfully helped international clients who require filming in Malaysia and the rest of Asia. For example, we partnered with Facebook as part of a global video campaign, as well as creating video marketing research content for Shell Petrol, through London based ad agency VCCP.

Do you shoot internationally outside Malaysia?

We love filming abroad and have so far shot in Singapore, Hawaii, Thailand, Myanmar, The UK, Ireland and Croatia. We have successfully worked remotely with clients to collaborate on script, locations and schedule. Click here to watch a video we shot in Hawaii and click here to see a video we shot in one day with a local bus company Go-Ahead Singapore. Our Singaporean-based clients chose us as they could save considerably by using a Malaysian based video provider.




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