Rebranding the start-up kings

Corporate Case-study: Cradle Fund

Having funded more than 2/3rds of Malaysian tech start-ups including Grab, and holding the highest commercialisation rate amongst government grants in the country, Cradle are pretty well known for being the place to go for cash! But less known, is that they offer an entire ecosystem of support, coaching, community and investment to help a start-up grow. Alongside this was a need for rebranding Cradle to appeal to its younger-minded audience who respond to fast and social-friendly content. Armed with these insights, the team at Storyfrontier took the brief and delivered a fast-paced, real-world testimonial video.

And to give a personal feel and face, we teamed up with the CEO of a local startup success, Francesca Chia from GoGet to deliver the message to a like-minded audience. And drive them to find out more.

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Case Study: Ria IME Corporate Video

In this short video, we listen to the world’s 3rd largest money transfer company; Ria IME, talk about how their corporate video came to life with the help from Storyfrontier. Director of Marketing, Ramesh reveals his reasons for going ahead with a mix of voiceover, animation and customer testimonials. As well as a discussion on tips for choosing the right video partner and what ultimately makes a good video. 

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Defining your idea

A good idea starts with understanding the problem. So we begin by working closely with you to fully define your objectives, needs, target audience and key insights. We then develop ideas which solve our ‘creative challenge’…

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