Getting your audiences attention with compelling video content

Getting your audience’s attention with compelling promotional video content
March 8, 2018 storyfrontier

Making a promotional video can be an effective tool to build awareness and sales, but potential customers will quickly skip next if your approach is too pushy or product-centric.

We mostly go online to either learn or be entertained. By focusing our video on this insight, we can actually make a video that people enjoy watching. This leads to a pull factor from potential customers to find out more about you. Below are two such examples from very different industries:

1) New jaw anyone? Rather than directly selling 3D printing technology, we created a content piece giving educative and honest information about the advances in 3D medical printing that are helping patients in Malaysia. To add some engagement, we used real patient and doctor testimonials in a documentary, storytelling format.

2) Do you like coconut water? Maybe now you will. We teamed up with Cowa Coconut water and some crazy trail runners. The idea here was to come up with story-led content piece around two featured runners whilst subtlety branding Cowa’s health benefits alongside the health benefits of running off-trail. See how it turned out.

3) And for a bit of added entertainment here are some behind the scenes moments from the Cowa shoot, where you can see how the video was made.

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