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Creating video content remotely during COVID-19

Helping USAID to produce video content remotely in Indonesia and Vietnam with a crew based in Malaysia.

The challenge

With the current travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are wondering how they can continue producing much needed video content. 

USAID, the world’s premier international development agency had just this challenge when creating their competition; the Water and Energy for Food Grand Challenge (WE4F) Asia EDGE Ag-Energy.

Companies in Southeast Asia were given the chance to showcase their sustainable products. Winners were awarded technical assistance in marketing, aka a free video to help attract customers and also double as a tool to explain their product or service to potential investors or partners.

The problem was that USAID were in The USA and these companies were in Indonesia and Vietnam. USAID needed a South East Asian production company able to come up with a remote solution to create promotional videos for these companies without actually going there.



The solution

Storyfrontier pitched alongside agencies across SE Asia. And with our experience in remote shooting and demonstration of fast turnarounds, Storyfrontier were awarded the project.

And how exactly did we do this? Well we did what we always do, we problem solve. We turned our young environmental entrepreneurs into filmmakers. We found out what equipment was available to them. DSLR cameras lying around became our main cameras, smartphones were hung from necks and turned into audio devices. We created them a ‘dummy guide to filmmaking’, we did test shoots, we pre-interviewed our subjects and created detailed scripts. Finally the day of the shoot came. We directed them via live video call from our office here in Kuala Lumpur, and sitting next to us were Indonesian and Vietnamese interpreters we had hired.

To add in extra footage aside from interviews, we also made easy to understand shot-lists with image galleries for our entrepreneurs to capture b-roll footage out in the field, we collated archive footage and even developed animations to simplify their complex products. We also made interview questions to allow our videos to include customer testimonials. 

It’s amazing what a bit of creative problem solving can do! (Deliverables: 2x 2 minute promotional videos).

The result

USAID – Aqysta Water Pump (remotely produced)

USAID – Egreen Bio-digester (remotely produced)

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