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Our experienced directors are not only fussy about flattering lighting, good sound and decluttered backgrounds, they will also make sure to get the very best response from each interviewee by putting them at ease and guiding them through the whole process with patience and reassurance. We can upload to you within 24 hours or edit in-house. We are available to shoot for local clients and those based abroad. They include Alibaba, The BBC, Microsoft and Facebook.

One camera setup:

A basic one camera setup will help bring your point across directly. We usually shoot in 4K giving the editor the option to ‘punch-in’ in post to allow for seamless cuts.


Two camera setup:

A two camera setup allows for a more enhanced experience by filming from two different angles and with two focal lengths. Typically they are a wide angle and close-up or medium close-up. Unless specified, we’ll shoot at a low f-stop to create background blur, allowing the subject to stand out more by appearing more in focus.

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