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A foreigners guide to shooting in Malaysia


Talent galore

We recognise the crucial role that a talented workforce plays in producing high-quality film and video content. We have access to a rich pool of talent, including represented directors, cinematographers and crews. And our in-house team of both local and international experts with a shared global perspective, has earned the trust of our clients worldwide.


Language made easy

With English as the go-to language for business and communication, Malaysia offers a seamless experience for international film production. It’s worth noting that neighbouring countries lack this fluency with the exception of Singapore. Our cultural diversity also includes Mandarin and Tamil, providing a wealth of talent for productions seeking skilled Chinese and Indian actors and crew members.


Safe & sound

Malaysia is a pretty chill and safe country, with a low crime rate. Foreigners are often surprised when their lost wallet gets returned back. This also provides peace of mind for productions as they can film knowing that their crew and equipment are secure.


Picture-perfect locations

Malaysia is a beauty queen when it comes to landscapes. From lush rainforests, gorgeous beaches and world-class diving sites to buzzing cities, crumbling colonial buildings, majestic mountains and breathtaking temples, we’ve got it covered. You’ll find an ideal location for every scene you’ve got in mind.


Hassle-free work permits

Dealing with work permits in a foreign country is often a real headache, and Malaysia’s love of red tape can be no different. Luckily, our team has a knack for navigating Malaysia’s immigration laws and working with expert fixers who know the process and all the right people to get things done quickly. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of the paperwork.


Sweet tax breaks

Being a developing country, Malaysia is an affordable place to film. Additionally, the Malaysian government offers attractive incentives to foreign productions filming in the country to help bring your creative vision to life while keeping production costs low. These include tax rebates, financial grants, and other support services. For more information, visit


Top-notch infrastructure

Malaysia isn’t just jungles! In fact, visitors are often surprised at how well-developed the infrastructure is, including modern cities, malls and airports, highways, and other transportation facilities. There are also world-class production facilities and post-production services, which makes it easier for filmmakers to produce top-quality films. We know the industry well and can help you take advantage of these benefits.


Lights, cameras, equipment!

As fellow filmmakers, we get it – you want to bring your own gear for filming abroad, but it can be a hassle and risk to travel with expensive equipment. That’s why we offer rental options for both our own gear and through our connections with Kuala Lumpur’s hottest rental houses. Plus, we can cater to your special requests, like a set of Leica-R rehoused lenses for your DOP.

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