How to Create a Winning Social Media Ad - The BigPay Story

How to Create a Winning Social Media Ad – The BigPay Story
January 17, 2019 storyfrontier

With 400,000+ views on YouTube (as of January 2019) and counting, BigPay has hit a chord with its audience in promoting its new money app and card scheme. Created by AirAsia, BigPay is a better way to track and manage your spending as well as great rewards and exchange rate offers. But how do you communicate these benefits to a young, savvy audience. Solution? Well in this case, BigPay and Storyfrontier teamed up with a local travel blogger and instagrammer Zoey Zoey was already a keen user of the BigPay card and so was the perfect candidate to bring the app to life as well as having a large, loyal tribe of followers to her name. Zoe loves to be out and her fans are keen to see every aspect of her life. So it seemed natural to base the video concept around following  Zoe on a typical day out and track her money at the same time. Watch the video now and see how it turned out.

Free your money with BigPay, a money app with a card (Short Version)

Zoey’s Big Day Out (Long Version)

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