What is video production house & how it can benefit your business in Malaysia

What is a Video Production House & How it can Benefit your Business in Malaysia
February 24, 2022 storyfrontier

What is a video production house?

The term ‘video production house’ is broad, nowadays anyone who shoots videos from their smartphones calls themselves a video production house. But what does it exactly mean – and what exactly do video production houses do?

A video production house refers to a team of experienced creative professionals, specialising in producing good quality and well-directed videos for social media, corporate promotions, commercial and other media-related fields. A video production house usually makes shorter video content for other companies that are often part of a larger marketing strategy. In general, a video production house preps, shoots and posts but sometimes an agency or organisation comes to us with an existing storyboard and idea. This helps a video production house to save a lot of time and get a head start on the project. A video production house is also sometimes called a video production company nowadays but both do the same thing.

What’s the difference between a videographer and a video production house?

This question often gets asked as the borders blur between traditional roles in the media industry. Videographers and video production houses are from the same industry, but each of them actually has different capacities. As you might imagine a videographer is a one-man show. Videographers typically focus on the filming part and possibly editing. Whereas, a video production house is an organisation consisting of a team of experts. They’ll handle everything from pre-production to post-production.

What does a video production house do?

A video production house covers all stages of the video production process, from ideation, planning, execution to the editing of the video. The stages are called pre-production, production and post-production. A lot of thought process goes into each stage. The pre-production stage is also known as the planning stage which may include the development of the concept, script, animation, storyboard and creating a wardrobe for the talent as well as organising locations, interviewees, audition of talents and production schedules. 

The next stage is the production stage where the actual filming begins. The video production house you are working with brings their own team, equipment, talents, and necessary props to the location. The production stage is the quickest and shortest but the duration of the production process depends on variables such as the length of the video, the location and the talents.

No one will be excited to just watch raw footage. Hence, for footage to become a polished video it has to go through a post-production stage where the editing begins. The post-production happens in conjunction with the filming. The editing process involves arranging all the video clips and creating the video by adding voiceover,  animation, text, music, logos, colour correction when it’s necessary. The post-production stage is when the video production house feels like all their sacrifices and efforts are finally paying off.

How a video production house can benefit your business

Are you looking to bring your business to the next level but not sure where to begin? What are the next steps or how to accomplish them? Well, the answer could be hiring a video production house.

Understanding the needs of the client

A video production house consists of a team of experts who understand the needs of their clients. They come up with creative ideas or campaigns that win you new customers. In order to come up with creative ideas, a video production house writes a creative brief to distil the core message and pain point that your customers face in order to come up with creative ideas that solve the brief. As for a video production house, the creative brief that is filled out by the client helps to understand the company’s goal, the target audience and the type of video they want to create. 

Saving time

With modern tech like smartphones, recording your own content internally by your team can be a fantastic way to share short messages on your social media channels and stay connected with your audience. Their amateur quality can be quite appealing as it feels real. But sometimes we need a higher level of creative work, especially when it comes to our branding and image. And this is where professional help is of most relevance. Finding the right video production house can help to save your time in coming up with creative ideas for your business digital media because it helps to plan your project from A to Z beforehand. Even with a video production house, the process might be lengthy but you as the client providing the necessary information from the get-go will help us to develop ideas for your project in a shorter period.

Standing out from your competitors

Ever wondered how some companies’ video marketing is brilliant? Well, it’s because they hire a video production house to create videos for their business. While anyone can take a video, there’s a difference in quality when a video production house does it. This is because they have the right equipment, resources and know which angle is the best to shoot each scene to create a perfect video for your target audience. A video production house fulfils its responsibilities with dedication. Getting the help of a video production house might be a hesitating choice for some because of the fees, but if you think of what you can get in return it’s all worth it in the end. 


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