Cooking with refugees - UNHCR

ProjectChallenge: ​​Refugees are people who had no choice but to flee their country because of war and human rights abuses. Despite their plight, in many places including Malaysia, they are often portrayed negatively in the media and dehumanised by the public. With these issues in mind, UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) came to Storyfrontier to deliver a video campaign that would challenge public perception and send a message that refugees contribute to their host communities. Solution: Using food as a way to bring people together we co-created a cooking segment featuring local celebrities and celebrity chefs, Anis Nabilah, Razif Hashim and Deborah Henry alongside 3 refugees from Somalia, Palestine and Myanmar who cooked their traditional dishes and shared their brave stories. The light-hearted style of the cooking segment was deliberately chosen to stand out from the usual hard-hitting way the refugee situation is tackled. Hopefully showing a more human side to refugees not usually seen by Malaysians. Final deliverables: 3x6 minutes videos with 3x1 minute cut-downs.


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