How to Deliver your Video Marketing Messages during Coronavirus

How to Deliver your Video Marketing Messages during Coronavirus
May 18, 2020 storyfrontier

Despite this crisis, it’s important to ensure your marketing messages are delivered. And that’s why virtual communication solutions like video are effective. 

Watch our video below which gives some practical ideas for videos that can all be produced remotely or with a low touch approach.

1)  Filming from your home or office

We all own digital devices like smartphones or laptops capable of capturing high quality video. And they are perfectly acceptable quality to use during this crisis.

Simply record yourself presenting your message at home or in the office. Then send us the footage and our team will add elements like graphics, titles and animation to create a professional video. Thus ensuring that key messages and updates to your customers or employees are not lost during this time.

Below are two videos we recently produced for USAID, the world’s premier international development agency. Remotely directing from Kuala Lumpur office to Vietnam and Indonesia.

USAID – Environmental Product Videos

2) Stock footage videos

You’ve probably seen examples of stock footage in cliched corporate videos. We hear a narration of the company’s vision whilst being shown a room full of servers, followed by a clip of a girl running through a wheat field. Not the kind of random storytelling we like around here! But done in the right way it can be very powerful.

And one such example is Timberland. Timberland recently created an online video using just stock footage. And with a bit of clever copy have turned it into a powerful story and well-timed campaign aimed at the current pandemic. Well done Timberland.


3) Re-purposing existing video content

Alternatively, why not bring back to life video content from previous videos? We have created new videos like this on many occasions previously to create cut-down videos. But equally with a bit of clever copy and fresh idea, we can create a completely new video campaign for you. Just upload your video footage and we’ll work our magic. Watch an example below.


Main video:

Cut-down video:

4) Animated videos

Of course animation is another option that is totally remote. Animated videos are often used when we need to simplify abstract ideas and complex messages to our customers. This is why animation is often used in online learning courses too, which is our next topic.


5) Online-learning videos

With all the extra time on our hands, many of us have been picking up a new skill with online learning platforms like Masterclass. And the same goes for business, where online learning is becoming highly relevant too. For instance, with organisations that can no longer offer in-person training due to travel restrictions, we are able to convert training modules into online video courses. Or, help businesses to upskill their employees by creating interactive video courses in things like company culture and best practises.


6) Virtual events/ webinars

The event industry has been one of the worst hit by the travel restrictions. But rather than cancel upcoming events, companies and event organisers are now doing them virtually instead. Our team can manage the planning and filming of the actual event and then live stream it to your audience online. Alternatively, we can pre-record all the elements like keynote speakers and product demos and stream it at a later date. Below is a reference video we shot for Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC).

7) Product videos

Increasingly companies are promoting and launching their products online too. One way to stand out from the pack is by making a product video. You can post or courier your product to us and we will then create a video for you in our studio. Below is one we shot in studio for a local seat manufacturer.

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