Lalamove App – Next Time use Lalamove Delivery

ProjectLalamove are a same day delivery app who provide instant dispatch and convenient delivery services of large scale items. Lalamove’s main pain point was that most audiences thought they just delivered on scooters direct to end customers. Audiences were unaware about the business sector of the app, specially targeted at four wheel, large delivery services. Storyfrontier were tasked with coming up with a memorable idea that hit the pain point whist tying in the various mandatories. We decided on a race-track theme to bring a fun approach to the idea of booking a delivery which pegged Lalamove against its competitors in a theatrical and very visual way. We also had to incorporate a separate ad aimed at how to use the app. This was achieved by coming up with a fruit stall salesman trying to get his stock delivered with the app. All production by Storyfrontier.
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