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Television Video Commercials (TVC’s) and online commercials are a popular way to bring a product or service to life. Our in-house team of creatives love to dream up ideas and can execute a campaign from start to finish.

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Got a few Q’s?

What makes your commercial video production agency stand out?

Our biggest strength is we do everything under one roof. Meaning you get complete control of your message. Using the same process ad agencies employ to come up with ideas, our creative team conjure up unique and creative solutions that fit your brief. Our international team are also filmmakers with a huge amount of filming gear at our disposal. Giving us the technical understanding and tools to visualise your idea. We work with some of the most respected directors and cinematographers in Malaysia too. Lastly, we edit and colour grade in-house.

What does the commercial video production process involve?

Our video production house covers all stages of the commercial video production process which includes pre-production (ideation & planning), production (filming) and post-production (editing & sharing of the video). To learn more about our process, please visit here.

What makes a great commercial video?

A great commercial starts with a great idea. And a great idea starts with a clear brief. Hence, we have created our own interactive creative brief for you to constraint all your ideas and for us to make your commercial stand out.

How long does it take to make a commercial?

Ideally, it will take around 10-12 weeks to produce a commercial as a lot of thought process goes into each stage. We use this time to plan, execute the idea, find talents, locations and the crew to help us with commercial video production. However, in some cases, we have delivered commercial projects within 2 weeks due to clients requests for last-minute campaigns. Here are some of the commercials we have done.

Usage rights - How long can talents be used in a commercial?

The usage rights of talents used in commercial video production will be affected by various factors such as the budget of the client, the size of the geographical region and the duration of the campaign. The most common option and cheapest is one year of usage rights to cover the Malaysian market only. However, if you plan to run your video campaign to cover regions outside of Malaysia or for a longer period, then you will pay a premium.

Do you have any portfolio for the DOP?

Yes, we do! We work with a wide range of directors and cinematographers in Malaysia as well as our in-house crew who have experience in commercial video production in Malaysia. Please get in touch for more details.

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