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Putting the spotlight on Malaysian mothers with a video campaign for Dutch Lady that makes sense of confusing nutritional advice

The challenge

When it comes to raising children, did you know that Malaysian mothers are especially concerned about growth and stuntedness? And often find the health and nutrition advice out there confusing and over-complicated?

It was with these insights that FrieslandCampina came to us looking for a way to reach out and better educate local Malaysian mothers, whilst promoting their household milk brand Dutch Lady. Dutch Lady Malaysia has been trusted by Malaysian mothers through the generations with over 50 years presence in Malaysia. Armed with this creative challenge, Storyfrontier took on the brief and also brought in Japanese Ad Agency Hakuhodo.

The solution

We came up with a video campaign focusing on real stories from 3 Malaysian mums with kids. Using an approach of anecdotal advice in everyday language and real-life settings, the videos aligned Dutch Lady in a more deep rooted sense as a dependable brand who understand mothers’ struggles. Deliverables: 3×2 mins videos with 3×30 second cut-downs

The result

Dutch Lady – Full version videos

Dutch Lady – Cut-down videos

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