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Building online relevance – The LexisNexis story

How a six part video web series increased website engagement and re-sparked brand relevance

The challenge

LexisNexis is a well-established and recognized name in the legal and business information industry. A leading data and analytics company with 10,500 staff in more than 150 countries, LexisNexis faced the formidable challenge of staying relevant in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. With a history dating back to the 1970s, resparking relevance online was a big priority. LexisNexis sought to grow their brand awareness and online user engagement by creating conversations and community building efforts via their website in the Asia market. In Malaysia there are also extensive prohibitions against legal firms’ marketing activities, particularly in advertising.

The solution

We created a six-episode mini-documentary series titled “The Art of Advocacy” that diverges from LexisNexis as a brand, and invites insights from expert minds within relevant and pressing industry topics. By closely collaborating with these experts and providing them the platform to express their views, we indirectly enhanced LexisNexis’ brand perception, solidifying their status as a socially conscious and reputable stakeholder. In the end, the series significantly increased user engagement and community building on their website, paving the way for future business opportunities. The Art of Advocacy” garnered an accumulated viewership of nearly 11,000 views across Youtube and Instagram.

The result

Lexis Nexis – 6 part playlist (YouTube)
Lexis Nexis – 6 part playlist (LexisNexis website)


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