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Turning a PR crisis into an opportunity

Receiving more than 3 million total views on Facebook and winning a Mumbrella Award, this became PosMalaysia’s most successful video campaign

The challenge

PosMalaysia, Malaysia’s national postal service faced a PR crisis when a video went viral apparently showing their workers throwing customers’ parcels into sorting cages. A surge of negative publicity and fiery online comments from the public ensued, leaving PosMalaysia in a difficult situation.

The solution

Leading Digital Agency, Entropia teamed up with Storyfrontier for this unique production which went on to win Social Idea of the year by Mumbrella Awards 2018. The idea was to create a positive publicity stunt out of a negative viral video of postal workers seen throwing parcels.

The daring idea featuring Pos Malaysia’s CEO was imagined by Entropia, with Storyfrontier left to manage the production and post-production. The video went viral on Facebook receiving more than 3 million total views as Malay tabloid Facebook sites like PenMerrah picked it up as well. (See chart below, courtesy of Entropia). Overall, the idea worked in changing attitudes of Pos Malaysia towards a positive public perception. Scroll down to see the final video.


The result

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